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The ScanGaugeII

I am using one on my '98 CTSC.

I like it a lot!

For the money I don't think you can get anything else that comes even close in functionality.
Just plug it in the OBD II connector under the glovebox and you are ready to go, lots of gauge readout functions (can do 4 at the same time) and trip computer functions too:smile:

Easy additional feature is the CEL code reader function.
I got the ScanGauge for the gauge features, but I recently had a engine check light and it was very easy that it showed me the specific codes at a push of the button. Clearing the codes was also just a button push.
Great piece of kit:biggrin:
Bunch of the Honda Fit folks use them too. Pretty popular device to keep tabs on your mpg.
I'm going to get one and an extra cable from SOS. Nice to see how my mpg looks at the track!!! I've gone 90 miles on a tank in the past. :eek:
I bought an ultra-gauge for my other car.


Really superb bang for the buck since it doubles as a code reader/reset codes. The only things it doesn't do that I wish it did was to list a short trouble code description rather than just the number and also the "ready" check status for going in for smog.

I guess the other niggle is the mounting logistics of it since the cable is hard wired to the display (no way to unplug it to route the cable) are odd and unlike the scangauge, the buttons are on the back so it can't really be mounted into a single DIN opening for example as you need to be able to reach the back.

One other thing I should mention is that the alarms for coolant temp can be heard with windows down/helmet on so it's a really nice thing to have for those who track their cars.

If I had a late model NSX I would definitely be using it.
I had this one http://www.auterraweb.com/scantools.html, but turns out my 91' is not OBDII compatible so had it return for a refund.
Seems like alot of fun since it generates a dyno chart besides the basics.
Compatible with only 96' & up. Pricey but you get what you paid for.
I will get one again later once i find a 96' + soon, it will be fun to see all the things going on with the sensors.