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Thinking of buying a NSX

25 June 2005
So. Cal.
New to the form. Can you guys help me with what year to watch out for? Any quirks, I'm looking to use it as my daily driver. I drive a Porsche Boxster S for my daily driver. Maintenance costs? Reliability? Thank youl
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I asked all the newbie questions.... I think.
Its been said many times before that this car is truley one of the most reliable exotic cars you can buy. And sooo much more. The biggest thing to look out for IMO is the snap ring range if you buy an early NSX 91-93 i believe. Do a search on that and maintenance costs. Or you can look it up in the FAQ, which has very helpful stuff.
In the FAQ they even have a nice write-up about daily driving the NSX. You will be amazed how well this car holds up for being 14 years old. =)