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This NSX is interesting...

i'd like to know how much he really sold this for? 125k? :eek: Refused to sell for 90K? :confused: 125 could start u in a gallardo or 360 easily! :wink:
Oh God! Here we go again. Why do they always show the custom convert with that stupid non-functional roll bar up? It's only there to mount the top onto. And notice there are no pictures of the car with its top up....because it looks like crap. I should know. I own one!

I'm still trying to rectify the crappy top issue with mine. <sigh>
I don't think a convertible nsx would be so bad if it had a removeable hardtop. Some friends of mine in Vancouver have actually built a couple of convertible nsx's that are pretty cool.
To bad, anyone thinking that car would sell for anything even remotely in the same ball park as 125K is smoking crack! I would not pay $25K for that car.
i'm kinda confused now, does it have a top or not? :confused: $125k for a 45k "excotic car" still with a tape player inside? uh, i guess they listen to a lot of audio books up in oregon. :rolleyes: