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Ticking noise from rear wheel area heard while moving slowly in EV mode?

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Since I have had the car, I will hear a ticking noise seemingly coming from the driver side rear of the car. It sounds like something attached to the rear wheel that hits part of the body every revolution. It is easier to hear when the car is in EV mode. At first I thought something was caught in the caliper, but I could not find anything. Could it be perhaps a sound meant to alert people that you are approaching? I thought I had seen it discussed elsewhere but have been unable to find a reference.
there is a ticking that can be heard when driving in EV with the windows down at slow speed - completely normal - yes it does sound like a pebble stuck in a tire

it "sounds" like the front - that's been my experience. I asked about it too when I first heard it while silently trolling in a parkade and the other members here indicated it was normal :)