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what a story and experience, like many others said, I am glad you got your money back, I also don't feel comfortable when knowing the dealer request a full payment before you can drive the car for a test-drive.

Thank you! I'm glad that's all behind me, and hopefully no one has to go through the same experience. In the midst of all, potential buyers can avoid purchasing the NSX... There's absolutely, a major problem with it.
Thanks for the story, glad everything worked out well. I've never bought an expensive car and I can't imagine having that attitude for a 150k car. I can't imagine it for 100k either. It's just unbelievable, it's scary to lose your money at every turn... Then it turns out that they will take money from you for some additional accessories that should be included in the kit or offer something at an inadequate price. It's just like with electric cars; I've seen it before. You can get various extras cheaper https://evadept.com/best-extension-cord-for-ev-charger/ or very expensive from greedy sellers. And they are the same ones!

You're welcome! Chip and his crew are a team of cons. They all denied anything being wrong with the NSX. Lesson learned for sure...
Wow! Sounds like a lot of red flags that happened before the transaction, starting with the $500 deposit going over VENMO?!?!? To me that would've been a huge turnoff.

NEVER buy the car without going on a test drive. As an enthusiast, flying to the destination and driving the car back is part of the experience. They may be looking for some sucker who has more money than brains (or care) and just will throw money at an Acura dealership to fix the problems. All the panel gaps point to accident history.

However, in the dealership's defense, they are really just a business. Asking them to pay for things may sound reasonable on your side, but for them they get tons of tire kickers who are not serious and it's not worth putting up money on their side when the buyer's not serious. Until you fly there, they know you're not serious. I went through a similar situation with my recent Lexus purchase where we used an independent dealership to do a transaction on a private sale. The dealership was mad sketchy but when I got there the car looked great and what I learned was that the dealership was just very very paranoid about getting scammed themselves. We had to work out a situation where I showed him I actually had the funds in my bank account before he would accept my cashier's check. It was a long ordeal that ended well (drove the car 2k miles back) but I learned about negotiation and trusting instincts.

In your case, I would've probably paid for the gas and asked the dealer to take it for a ride. I do that for insurance purposes so that the owner knows they are covered and I can pay attention to clunks, wind noise, and electronics. When you are driving you are distracted by the road so you may miss somethings.

Again, you just have to use your instincts. When I bought my NSX I did it off-ebay because the owner was close and we were able to do the sale in person. I saved a ton of money and made a great friend in the meantime. In that case I also had the owner drive his own car to show me it was working fine. That was enough to convince me to trust him.

Trusting your gut instincts is definitely, the right direction. I was pretty surprised a dealer would not let a buyer who flew-out from CT, to test drive the NSX. Perhaps, he had a strategy planned. No drive = not knowing problem= take the money. Looking for a sucker to unload the NSX, is what he was looking for. Very stressful experience indeed. I can't thank God enough, that I got my money back!
Well unfortunately ……. That isn’t the case in this situation.

And cmon…… doesn’t pick the client up at the airport flying in from another state????…..

NO TEST DRIVE?? This wasn’t a $1M Ferrari for Christ’s sake!!

His dealership is 5 minutes from an Acura Dealership….. why not immediately take it over there and have it checked out for the potential buyer???


This has me livid because I could’ve purchased this car from him…..was seriously considering it! Funny….. I was willing and didn’t haggle with his asking price (WHICH IS THOUSANDS ABOVE MARKET PRICE)!!….. just asked him to ship on his dime…. He refused! Only difference….. I had contacted that Acura Dealership and was prepared to pay for a PPI prior (he wouldn’t even pay for the $120 PPI cost)!

This Chip is a dirtbag! Hopefully….. this potential buyer leaves his experience on Chips YELP page! He deserves to lose business on this…… and I hope he eats that NSX at a huge loss!

After 23 years of serving my Country……. I fckn hate & despise people like this!

Chip is definitely, a shady guy.. After wiring him the funds, he would not release the title to me. His wife Wendy, is very rude and unprofessional. When asked to look at the title. she held it in her hand and says, "SEE?" I was in total shock, knowing they have my money and would not let me see the title (because funds are pending to clear their account by midnight)

Chip removed the NSX off the market from all the heat it's getting. Not sure, if he's using a different platform to sell it from. I hope no one purchase's the NSX from him. He's looking to dump it on anyone with $155K, non-negotiable! Please be careful!
Wow!!! Actually spoke with Chip a few weeks ago and seriously considered buying this car….. but sight unseen (As I have multiple times over the years)…. Being military and always moving. Currently I’m in California and he’s in Mississippi! What a fckn DIRTBAG he is! You need to blast him on YELP…. and whatever else to do to tarnish this douchbags reputation! HOPEFULLY…… he eats this car and has to sell it at auction….. on a loss! I fcking hate slime balls like this a**hole Chip! Sounds like his trailer trash wife….. is the same.

This is a experience to remember for life.. I completely, agree with you. He's a douch/dirtbag ready to the take advantage of whoever he can. He wanted me to sign paperwork for the NSX via Docu Sign, which I never did. How does a dealer getaway with selling a $155k vehicle "Sold As Is?" CT law, when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer between $3K-$5K, less than 7 years old minimum 30 days or 1,500 miles warranty.

Best advice, is to stay away from 'Motorcars of Jackson' located in Mississippi!
So many red flags, I’m actually shocked there was even a car and a dealership when OP showed up.

If a dealer or private buyer says its not going to a Acura Tech or legitimate high end shop that deals with NC1s for a PI and full service and recall history, don’t even consider making a deposit.

Welcome to both of you.
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