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Timing belt/water pump PDF file from Larry Bastanza


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10 December 2007
Bethany, CT
Hi, anyone happen to still have the DIY PDF file Larry Bastanza wrote several years ago on how to do this project. I have Gary Kentosh great PDF instructions which he highly recommends to have Larry's as well along with SM which I have plus a lot of great articles I found on this website by a lot of experts as well.

If you do and can PM me I would greatly appreciate any more information before i get to ahead of myself.

I find there is no way to update the wiki or upload critical documents.

I just scanned in the entire 2002+ supplement and I have no place to upload it too.
I just uploaded the LarryB doc to the Library. Pls reach out to me via PM and we'll get this stuff all uploaded.

I was able to find the Gary Kentosh Timing Belt PDF you uploaded, but not one by Larry B.

Are they the same thing?
Yes. Larry was writing his and never finished, so he sent it to Gary who incorporated it into his pdf doc.

Also, I highly recommend referencing my tensioning procedure here. Read part 60, 61 and 62.