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tire pressure?

If you do a lot of straight-line driving (i.e. US Interstates) the rears will tend to wear fast in the middle at the stock 40 PSI. If you do a lot of hard cornering they'll wear more evenly. If not, you can lower the pressure to even out the wear.
If you are interested in evening out tire wear on the street, I suggest buying a tire depth gauge. They inexpensive and available at any auto parts store.

Then measure the tread depth at various points across the tire every thousand miles or so.

If you notice the rears are wearing faster in the center than on the edges, lower the pressure several PSI. If the edges start to wear faster, raise the pressure a little.

After you do this a few times you should get a feel for what pressure matches up best to your driving style for evening out tread wear.

If you decide you don't like the way the car handles with the lower pressure just go back to stock. The average driver probably won't be able to tell the difference.

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Drive the car hard (on the track or on the street) with the OEM tires and the recommended 33F/40R will result in even tire wear. And fun.
Well for the crappy New Jersey roads I try to keep the pressures as low as I can, as for New York City I took it there once and never again. also through choppy corners it doesn't feel as skittish as when I run higher pressure.
Every tire is a little different. Start with stock pressures and adjust down from there. I say "adjust down" because I've never heard of anyone who found a tire for their NSX that worked better at higher-than-stock pressure.