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Tire Shipping

13 May 2001
San Diego, Ca. USA
Hey Everybody,

I just bought a new set of A022 rears on EBAY for $100 and was quoted a price of $60 for UPS to ship from Texas to here. Seems a little high to me. Rather then call around everywhere I thought I'd ask here first. Any ideas?
You can check on the shipping prices via UPS by going to ups.com and clicking on rates. I just did a very rough estimate and came out to about $36 per tire on a 30x30x12in at 20lbs for UPS ground. So, 2 tires would be $72. This is pricing from Houston, TX to San Diego, CA.

I would say $60 Shipping via UPS on 2 tires is reasonable.

$160 for 2 rears AND shipping is fantastic!

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Check out shipping at Fedex.com, I am a manager at FedEx Ground and would like to see a fellow nsxer save some money and support my
NSX hobby. Would appreciate your business!!
Thanks Guys.
The only way to go is FEDEX Ground.
It is dimension only dependent up to 150 lbs.
I measured my tires to be 25x25x18 and the rate worked out to $25 for the 3 day trip to my house from a FEDEX facility in Richardson.
2 back tires for $125 woo hoo!
Didn't you guys see "Castaway"? What if your tires end up on an island with Tom Hanks for 4 years?

Just kidding. I have had 3 wheel/tire sets shipped over the past couple of years. The prices mentioned above are comparable.

If you would like, call a tire store that does alot of shipping and ask who they use and what the charge.