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To Attendees - Saturday 23 Feb - NSX Australia in Tasmania

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Gday attendees of this blast of an event.

I'm unfortunately not able to join you on this epic adventure. I'll be farewelling you all by adding to the NSX tally with my white baby at South Melbourne and also seeing you at Essendon Honda for the return breakfast.

However, I will be taking part in a small way as I've been able to find the time (thanks to the organisers, especially Scott!) to pop on down for a day/night and also for the special dinner. So I'll be flying down the morning of Sat 23rd....arriving in Hobart at ~8:15am.................and then I'll fly out on Sun 24th at 8:45am.

The reason for this post is I understand Sat 23rd is a free 'leisure day'. I'll hire a car to get to and from the airport........................BUT I would love to spend the day with some of you good folk. If I could even push my luck further, fingers crossed there's a spare seat in a NSX? :redface: I'll just dump the hire car somewhere...... :biggrin:

If you have space and wouldn't mind a stranger but a lover/owner of a NSX tagging along, please let me know by responding to this thread or PMing me.

Looking forward to meeting you all and hearing the wonderful stories.......


Hi Michael,

Great you can join us in Hobart and at the Essendon Honda Breakfast which will be the largest gathering of NSX's in the Southern Hemisphere!!

I am sure you will be able to find a ride in one of the NSX attending the Tassie run.

Are you able to join us for the Great Ocean Road run after the Essendon Honda Breakfast on the 25th Feb? We will put some more details on another post, as it would be great to get some more cars along.

Hey Scott,

It's only two weeks away before I get to see you guys off before you get onto the Spirit.

I'll be coming to the breakfast also.

Looking forward to offers. :)

I'll also have a spare seat but dont know what the situation is with the international guests and those without cars.

On the Tassie trip we have lots of spare seats in NSXs and S2000s which as the week moves along will no doubt be taken by the international guests and various drivers/partners. It will all be up to the individuals as to who goes where, but we are sure there will be lots of driving along the way!

Honda Australia has kindly donated 2 new CRVs as support vehicles for our photo ace and luggage carrying duties, so there is even more seats!

See you next Sunday or Monday............

Cheers, Scott
Thanks Scott. Very generous of Honda Australia to do that.
I wonder how everyone is packing ? My T top is in the boot and I dont think we are staying 2 nights at same hotel except for Hobart so can't get washing done haha So will prob have to put inside.
4 days to go !
At least you can dry your washing on the engine cover or have you a mesh one? (engine cover that is)