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Took it to Track

wan888 said:
Hi NSX Dreamer,

Guess you must be chinese too ... well, thing is trackday in HK is really expensive ... compare to where I usually in UK.

It cost total around HKD$12k around US$1500 for a weekend but that includes drive from hk to zhuhai, bed and breakfast, track fee and temp. lic. to drive inside china. But then ... if we don't pay this price ... you don't even have the chance to go near a track with your car.

The car is riding on tein adjustables but I didn't really bother having it setup right ... cos they car was just done up and it's mainly there for an experience than lapping any good times.

Despite the poor setup i.e weight balance probably wrong, springs and damper too soft and too much oversteer. The car handles brilliantly. I would rate it similarly to an Elise which I raced in the same track.

It's exactly a grown Elise...... very fun to drive with.

The car is sitting much higher now after the trackday, I'd rather be able to drive it everywhere I go ... movie, dinner, work .... then not being to able to drive even out of my garage.

Hi Wan888,
Too late to found out your post. I think I miss something here around. Really like to take My X and try some laps like you. Talked the same issue with another NSXer in HK and not too much Xer like to tracking here. Very very nice picture :smile: Agree all your points that very expensive to tracking in HK. Am just install the suspension and spring so I miss the chance on July. Would you try again with your X ? Keep in touch. :smile: