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Toyo FZ4 tires Any Comments?

27 September 2000
Maui, Hawaii
I am considering putting Toyo Proxes FZ4 tires on a Mecedes SL500. Does anyone have nay expirience with this tire. Either on your NSX or any other vehicle.

If I do not choose this tire I am considering Yokohama AVS dB. Any comments on this tire.

And sorry for the non NSX content
Tom Croly
Back a long time ago when I had my first NSX, I put FZ4s on the stock wheels for daily drivers. They were terrible. Handling began very dangerous IMO. I would not use the FZ4s on a heavier car like the 500. JMO.


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Should you consider Yoko AVS db--I now have, on a new Lexus GS400, Yoko AVS db tires, and although there is less tire noise than the Bridgestone Potenzas that were on the car originally, they are still too noisy! These are in size 235-45-17. Low profile and high performance tires are not often the answer for the so-called luxury sport type cars. Both the Bridgestones and the Yokos seemed to have more than adequate dry and wet traction, as well as good steering response if maintaining the quiet is not of prime importance to you. Good luck.
I've had the greatest luck with Pirelli for any car I've used them on including the NSX. I still haven't been able to have anyone explain to me how they can be so inexpensive. I find they perform very well... incredibly well for the price. Anyone know why they are so inexpensive. I used to think Pirelli were the some of the best since they were used on Ferraris.
Thanks for all the input on tire choices. I have ordered the Yokohama AVS dB from tire rack. E-mail me personally if you ever want a reference for this tire.