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Wheels Trade: 18/19 Advan Model 5s for your stock 95-01 wheels - Dallas, TX

10 September 2010
Trade possibly pending 9/19/2019.
Have 2 interested buyers in buying outright 9/18/2019.




Since I'm sure I won't get what I want for them when selling my car, looking to trade my Advan Model 5s for your factory wheels + $2500.
These are mint with centercaps. No curb checks, no marks, no bends. Edit: I looked at them today again and there is a .25" paint chip on the lip that has to be new... Ugh.
These are just about the largest and most aggressive setup of Model 5s you can go without doing crazy camber or widebody.
Fronts: 18x8 ET 30
Rears: 19x10 ET 19
Tires: Falken FK452s 225/35/18, 275/30/19, Fronts have 5/32, Rears have 4/32

Located in Dallas, TX.
PM if interested.

Edit: So I've gotten quite a bit of interest selling outright. Willing to sell if I find a set of 95-01 OEM wheels.
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