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Trading stock cats for Comptech straight pipes and cats- some info please

7 February 2001
I have an offer to trade my stock cats for the Comptech straight pipes and the Comptech high flow cats.
The person is getting rid of it because his car is too loud w/ SC, tri-flow exhaust and headers.
I want to do this but would like some info since I could not find much under exhaust in the FAQ.
My plan is to put on the test pipes. With my Remus exhaust and stock headers, it should not be too much louder. Will it be A LOT Louder?
I will cut off 17 lbs., gain a bit of power (hopefully), and it will look good. When it comes time to sell, I will also have the Comptech cats to put back on for Smog purposes. I was told that they pass smog, even with the Supercharger.
If the pipes are too loud, I can pull them off, put on the Comptech cats, and sell the pipes.
It sounds like a good deal to me, but I want to pass it through the panel first.

What should I expect or be aware of? This is a friend of mine so there isn't any funny business. I just want to make sure I have all the bases covered and am not going to regret it later for reasons unknown.
BTW- The pipes and cats are brand new for my used set.
I am hoping my Remus will quiet it down a bit. I once heard and NSX with Intake, Comptech Headers, no cats and a Remus exhaust and it was actually pretty quiet.
If the deal goes through, I'll let you guys know how it sounds and the difference. Thanks

Oh... and since I have a 92 I don't have to worry about the check engine light, correct?

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The deal has changed a bit. Now I'm keeping my stock cats and buying his used (for 2 weeks) test pipes for $200. Still going for it. Will keep my stock cats somewhere for future needs.

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I received my cat bypass pipes this morning !

The bad news is that I have to wait till next wednesday to have them installed ! ARGHHH !
You had me excited there for a second. I was hoping to hear from you on how loud they are. In fact, I may wait for your response before spending the money. Please keep me updated.