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Trunk release doesn't work

16 February 2001
Scottsdale, AZ
My trunk release on the driver's side door, doesn't seem to work anymore. I've had an aftermarket alarm w/trunk open installed for years and that still works.

The button doesn't seem to have any pop to it. You know how you push it and it goes down smoothly and then it resists a little more and then pops down and the trunk is popped open. Now, it just goes down and up with constant resistance.

When I use the remote trunk opener, I can hear a click right by the button about a 1 second after the trunk opens.

Any ideas?
Nope, didn't do anything to the car except drive it.

Well there is the obvious check-the-switch-in-the-glovebox advice... If that is turned "on" then you probably need to pull the door panel and examine the switch and related bits.
Lud, I think that may be it! I had a passenger in the car who put his cell phone into the glove this weekend. He probably tapped the switch! I hadn't opened the glove compartment in a while before that. I'll check it when I get home tonight.

I know! DOH!! On a separately embarassing incident, Subaru's have this (I call hidden)switch that leave headlights on no matter what the position of the key or light switches. Of course, I didn't know this and accidentally flipped the switch. I had to pull the fuse out everytime I parked it. I found out a few days later what I had done, after calling the dealer and posting on msg boards.