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Trunk Struts

will not hold...??? why only one???
Kind of reminds me of having a electronic device that uses 4 d cell batteries and only replacing 1 of the batteries when it quits working........

It is good to think outside the box but not in this case.
Will one new strut hold up the trunk, Thinking of buying just one Might work, Anyone know?

if you include a mini vice grip for the old one :eek:

seriously, if they are bad change both...please :smile:
well if the one that is bad is replaced then yes.

but since you cant test each you will not know.

intill you swap one doesnt work, then swap the other then bang maybe

but double the work.

just buy 2 and be done. its an NSX not a civic, needs your full LOVE.
The one strut holds perfect, Most of the time a new strut and a compromised strut will hold the trunk without any problems.

If your running shoes were worn....and only one had a hole
do you just get one shoe, then wait until the other shoe gets a hole? :smile:
Shoes come in a pair. Horrible inalagy.
Actually, it's a good analogy. Shoes come in a pair, and are worn together. When one shoe wears out, the chances are strong that the other shoe is just about worn out as well. It's the same thing with trunk struts; when one is worn out, the other one is likely just about worn out as well, and you really need two of them to be working. That's why you replace both at the same time. Just like shoes (for your feet), just like brake pads (and, yes, brake shoes on cars with drum brakes), just like shock absorbers, etc.

Also don't forget that trunk struts are relatively inexpensive, and easy to replace yourself. So there's virtually nothing to be gained by replacing one and not the other.

Replace them both. Just do it. (Note how I extended the shoe analogy again there. :wink: )