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Tweeters in the front sails

29 May 2001
San Francisco Bay Area
Hey guys,
I installed my JBL tweeters from my 2-way speakers onto my front sails. The flush-mounted tweeters are bigger than the typical size that I've seen in other threads; they are probably the maximum size that will fit on the sails. I don't think a larger tweeter would fit within. As a matter of fact, the surrounding trim kind of sticks out (one of the four "points") beyond the edge, but it shouldn't be too noticeable, as it is forward towards the windshield. These tweeters are also adjustable, so I angled it to the maximum amount and also rotated it 45 degrees upwards, aiming towards the ears. The challenge now is to figure out how to keep it in place, as I will need to eliminate the internal clip mounts of the door part, as the internal part of the tweeter is too thick inside the sails. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make these sails stay in place, once I take out the internal clip mounts from the door?


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Yep. They are $40 replacement parts when I want to go back to stock.
Good idea. I put mine in the sash covers as well. But I just screwed them into place not flush mount. Cheaply reversible over drilling a hole in the door. I'd probably use to sided tape to try to resecure them.
Thanks Jinks. I was thinking two-sided tape as an option, as well.
What kind of tweets are those? I have been wanting to replace my components. I have alpine type r. They are super loud and clean at high volume but the tweets are a bit tinny sounding. I was thinking of going infinity kappa.
These are JBLs. They are part of a 2-way speaker set which includes a 6-1/2" and crossover, along with the tweeter. The nice thing about the crossover is that it has a button which allows you to leave it at the regular 0db, or a -6db mode, which reduces the harshness/shrillness of the tweeters. They say this is useful for when the tweeter is behind a grill, in which you would leave it at 0db. The -6db is optimal for when the tweeter is exposed, like in my case. I can notice quite a difference between the two modes, and I will plan to use the -6db in my install.