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TX2k9 super meet H TOWN this weekend

19 March 2003
Hello fellas, I had plans change with another exotic car group which has been postponed (enzos, ferrari, Buggati, Lambo etc) a secret meet but that will be another thread or personal emails and PM's. This thread is about the Texas Supra NAtionals and the Night meet held in HTown Katy Texas. The information is as follows. I am willing to make this drive without hitting anything and this time staying away from trailers LOL. If your interested this might be a good time with other car enthusiasts. I know a lot of testosterone and it will never be as tight as the NSX gatherings but it's nice to see other rides in a full car scene meet. Any thoughts PEOPLE!!!

TX2K9 Drivers, Supra Forum Members, Staff, and Guests!

The TX2K9 Supra Nationals will coming to The Power City of Houston, TX once again for another wild weekend! The most powerful Supras and street cars will be battling out for total supremacy. During the TX2K9 weekend the traditional "NIGHT MEET" will be hosted by HPD (Houston Performance Driving.com). Come out and enjoy a parking lot full of the fastest rides to ever hit the streets. You know when TX2K9 and HPD team up, it's going to be BIG!. You know it's going to one wild and crazy night!

Please come out and join the fun with all the drivers of TX2K9 and HPD Crew. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see a lot of nice rides out there.

*TX2K7 Trailer Vid* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noU_gin6PRE

*TX2K8 Trailer Vid* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxaJ5NcfrUA

*TX2K8 Vid* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5Riktbccas

I. Information:

- When: Saturday March 21st, 2009.
- Where: Frank-N-Stiens Bar and Grill: 233 S Mason Rd. Katy, TX 77450.
- Time: 9PM!
- Who: Everyone!
- Why: It's TX2K9! HELLO!
- How: It's the pedal on the right!

II. Rules and Safety:

1) Please do not drive in a unlawful manner. There will be a lot of people walking around the parking lot. We do not need anyone injured by someone trying to show-off. There will be police officers at the meet working that will ticket you for anything that warrants it.

2) No burn outs, loud music, or continual engine revving. Please be respectful of these rules and everything will be just fine.

3) Please be respectful of all rides at the Night Meet. Please do not sit or lean on any car/truck/bike.

4) Use your common sense and please be 100% Safe at all times. It's that easy.

III. Questions or Concerns:

- If you have any questions or concerns on the Night Meet. Please contact xtc4us (Troy Dixon) or G-Z06 (Garret Oliphant) on the HPD Forum. For all other TX2K9 questions please contact houstonT (Peter Blach) on the Supra or HPD Forums. - Thank you.

Get your A-Game ready Houston!

HPD Staff.
Im with u Gil!!!!
Lets do this man.
Let me know when your coming this way.

& the Attendees are?

1. TXvsLV (Scott) '96 NSX.

By the way Scott, You may have a fast car but you still can't count!! LOL Look above.... :wink:

1. TXvsLV (Scott) '96 NSX.
2. Jeff Baker ( JBNSX719 )
Scratch that.... Clutch went out again last night in the NSX!! Not gonna make it, had to tow it home from the club, that was intresting :eek:
What?!?! Is it the ClutchMasters?? Didn't you recently get that installed? Maybe it's the clutch master slave cylinder thingy? What "went out" technically?

I'm game. Ironically, I was driving the NSX last night home from a friends place. At a red light, I see a handful of Supra's cruise by perpendicular to me. Somewhere deep down, I still want a Supra... :smile:

See ya,
- Z

I'm game. Ironically, I was driving the NSX last night home from a friends place. At a red light, I see a handful of Supra's cruise by perpendicular to me. Somewhere deep down, I still want a Supra... :smile:

See ya,
- Z
+1 Z, nothing like a nice TRD WB.
Thursday March 19th - Road Racing at MSR Houston
Friday March 20th - Dyno Day and Show-N-Shine at Lonestar Motorsports Park followed by Test-N-Tune drag racing
Saturday March 21th - Drag Racing at Lonestar Motorsports Park
Sunday March 22nd - 60-130 at Lonestar Motorsports Park

This is copied from supraforums.

Z I have always had my eye on a supra but can never just get my foot in the door because of the other rides. I want a nice clean one as a DD.
the car is detailed boys and straightened out a bit. Come out to see it among the real HP cars in Katy.

DD (Steve) Digital Designs will be there representing. I think the Tacoma and NSX will both be there!!! If u need any home audio stuff or car audio for any vehicles it would be a great time for me to introduce u to the most important guy in Car Audio.

lookin forward to it boys