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Type S Engine Swap

22 February 2020
What are the chances the new Type S engine will be something that can swapped with the C32 on the NSX?


I know anything is possible with infinite $$$, but what are the chances of it actually fitting in the car and mating to the existing tranny without modification of the car's frame. Would be neat to have something that's 30 years newer, performance oriented, and all aluminum as an option for down the road....
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If it follows the standard J-series block layout, it will probably physically fit. But the main issue is always the bellhousing pattern, driveshafts and clutch availability. You'd need a custom setup. You might be able to use a Accord or TL/CL 6-speed with it. Honestly a J30 or J32 turbo setup is going to be about the same experience and that swap is well-documented.
Ive heard rumors that the new Type S headers will fit the existing NSX engine meaning we can get somewhat of "factory" support for a cheap NSX turbo kit. Does anyone know how true this may be?
Gotcha. I started looking around and from what I can find it is a J series (J30ac), but it is a DOHC head. Presumably it is 60 degree, so even with twin cams it would fit, depending on how the turbo and exhaust is packaged.

With engine management and mounting, it would be a fun challenge. But a lot of work.
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