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UK events in July 2015?

13 January 2003
Norway (Arctic part!)
I am spending my holiday in the south of England this year. I will appreciate any feedbacks on events (track days, exhibitions, car museums etc) in the southern part of England. I will be staying appx. 2 hrs drive southwest of London and the period is 1-15th July.

I am doing some internet research on my own, but from earlier experience I know there might be some "hidden gems" not easily found on the net which a petrolhead like myself should not miss.

Hi Jon,

You will just miss the Goodwood Festival of Speed (by a few days), and unfortunately the big UK NSX gathering will be the week after you leave the UK - the Silverstone Classic 2015.
The NSXCB website has details of 2015 events - ask some questions there and you may get lucky.
The Pistonheads forum is another place for the type of thing you are looking for.
There must be something on, somewhere. Good luck.
Thanks, NZNick. :smile:

I checked the forum ans I looks like I will be there in the most quiet period of the season...