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unbelievable catch - sign this girl up!

27 March 2003
Winter Park, FL
Amazing catch!!! This girl needs a MLB contract or a role in a Jackie Chan movie.

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Never under estimate a girl on a ball field. My daughter played from 7 years old through 12th grade. In those years I've seen some amazing female ball players my girl included. 1st base and nothing got by her.:wink: You could say I'm proud.
I had never seen that before, and I kept saying to myself...."No way in hell can that be real!" :biggrin:
Pretty cool advertisement.
LoL, yeah that was at the minor league ball park over in Fresno. A gatorade commercial. I remember it being on the local news story on it because people (scouts, team owners,etc) were going nuts over the video and were calling up the park and trying to sign her up!