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Unoffical Berlina BLACK NSX Thread

My 91

Probably my favorite pic of the car:


And a cell phone side shot:

Some of my bone stock 91 from the UK.


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some popup love...
Haha… the Gen Z’s loved the pop up. I found it funny that I had to explain how the CD changer worked. I guess it’s full circle as I had to have 8-tracks explained to me…Gen X here…
That's insane that they don't know how CDs work. It wasn't that long ago. Or, it didn't feel that long ago when we had things that looked like CDs (DVD, BlueRay, etc.).
It wasn’t that long ago….just keep in mind that I was talking to 18/19 y/o so that puts them being born in 2004/2005. It was still good to see a new generation of car enthusiast though. Maybe there is some hope for the future…😁