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Unusual rear tire wear

20 July 2000
San Jose, CA, USA
I have a 98 NSX that wears the driver side rear extremely fast. The wear is even so the Acura dealer says that my alignment is fine. I've only put 9000 street miles on the tire and it looks like its ready to be changed. The passanger rear tire seems to have at least 5000 miles to go. I can't figure out why one side would wear so much faster than the other. Is this normal or could I have a suspension problem or some kind of wobble?
If your tire pressures match your rear toe does not, OR you have been going round in clockwise circles at 10 / 10ths.

Go to http://www.danoland.com/nsxgarage/alignment/alignment.htm to learn how to do a quick visual inspection and adjust your rear toe. It's easy!

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