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B Pillar Cover Paint Wear

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
I was replacing the lift cylinders on my rear glass hatch and got a bit of a surprise. On the B pillar cover where the flexible plastic lip on the glass hatch contacts the surface of the B pillar it had fretted through the paint right to the aluminum. This is the passenger's side.

B pillar cover.JPG

On the driver's side there was very little marking in the paint at the lower edge of the B pillar cover; but, the plastic lip had fretted through the paint at the top of the B pillar so my glass hatch must have a very slight twist in the way it is mounted. With the hatch closed none of this is visible.

I am going to cover the bare aluminum with some touch up paint and then use a little acetone and some buffing to deal with the blob factor. I am thinking a strip of PPF might be a good idea to reduce further paint wear. Some of those 3M PPF door edge protector strips might do nicely.

If you haven't checked your B pillars it might be worthwhile to do so and apply some protection if you are showing signs of paint wear.