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Used exhaust from RUSKY .... what do you guys think?

6 October 2010
Las Vegas
For a while now I have been looking for a stock muffler, both to replace my aftermaket one, and to give me some reliable flange locations in order to do some test pipe welding. User Rusky listed a used OEM exhaust for sale... after looking at his nsxprime rating summary of 7 positive, 2 negative, I figured it was worth the chance as long as I received some pictures of the exhaust. I messaged him and requested photos, and asked for confirmation that the exhaust was not physically damaged. He disclosed that one exhaust tip was dented, which was OK with me. He also supplied this picture:

exhaust covered.jpg

In the back of my mind I wondered why he only sent one picture of the whole exhaust, but from what I could see it looked fine, so I made payment.

Fast forward to the next week.
I received the exhaust and unwrapped it, noticing immediately that:
-Both flanges had been cut off and sloppily rewelded back on crooked.
-The exhaust shield had been cut off, and in the process,
-A hole had been cut into the outer later of exhaust tubing.

exhaust flange.jpg exhaust flange2.jpg exhaust hole.jpg missing heat shield.jpg

I did get a good deal on this exhaust, but with the above defects it is useless to me. I then went back to the original picture of the muffler that was sent to me, and noticed that the damaged section was covered up with a plastic bag. Coincidence or purposeful omission? If I had seen what was under that bag I would not have purchased this item.
Bad luck, Chussy. If you paid via paypal you should submit a claim for the item not being as described.
I think this qualifies as false advertisement. I noticed the plastic bag right away though. No matter how much it cost you to get I would return it and refund your money.
Wow..I'd be trying to a refund...

That is shady.
I would first attempt to work this out with the seller. if not, better cover your bases.

Looks like he was not completely honest with his sale.

Good luck!
I have an OEM exhaust off of my 98. You can have it for the shipping charges from MI. Excellent condition overall. It is at my cottage and I will not be able to ship it for at least 4 weeks. Send me a PM if interested. Sucks about your above purchase.
Paypal came to the rescue and refunded me, though I still had to pay shipping to return to the seller.

Jorligan, your offer is greatly appreciated, but I believe that a 98 muffler is different enough from a 91 that it will not bolt up.

I have an OEM muffler in storage in NY, but I don't have any easy way to package or transport it here to Nevada :(