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valentine one radar

7 May 2000
Port Orchard,WA,USA
I just purchased a new Valentine One radar detector and the concealed display.Now I need some idea's on where to mount it.I own a 1997 yellow NSX-T. As per the directions the rear receiver can not be blocked,and you can not aim the front radar towards the rear view mirror.I've read in the faq's and had some ideas but for the most part its for the non-targa models.I dont want the detector mounted on a stand between the two seats.Any other good idea's out there?

You could always mount it inside the engine bay suction cup mounted to the glass between the passenger compartment and the engine bay. Not sure why you didn't like the idea of mounting between the seats IN the passenger compartment, so this might be even worse for you since you may not be able to hear it as well and you can't get to it to adjust it. But you could read the controls by looking in your rear view mirror.

With such limited height in rearward visibility there are very few options. Of course, you could just drive the speed limit.
Ahhh, on second thought... scratch that.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
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I just installed a V1 with the concealled display. I put the main unit just in front of the rear view mirror to the passenger side. The rearward portion is unobstructed by the mirror and it can still detect out the back. I then placed the concealled display on the steering column. I took the power from the lighter and the ground from inside side vent near the door. The whole process took under one hour.
Originally posted by Dr.Lane:
Thanks, G-Man and Dr. Lane for your ideas.
Dr.Lane I would agree behind the mirror is the best position.That is where I currently have the detector.This week end I'm going to hard wire it in.
Thanks again.
I attached mine to the interior light at the back of the roof (99 NSX-T). It's hard to see, I can hear the warning noises, and it's just as effective as mounting it to the windshield on a normal (not concealed) installation. I really like it there, it's unobtrusive and it does the job for me.