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Value of highly modified NSX

IMO if this car had filled in the Marga Hill headlight cutouts, lost the weird trunk lid, replaced the tacky looking seat covers, and paint the engine hatch border black; the seller would have an easier time selling it. I think the Marga Hill front bumper is nice and less tacky than the wings west lip. That front bumper was made to be used with the specific headlight which when not used looks strange. Best thing would be to fill that void and make it a little more oem so it works with the regular headlights.
Even if the car were simply black ( it looks like it was) there would be a way better chance of selling it. If that car fell into my lap, I would do this:

- Take almost every cosmetic part off, including the widebody - sell them separate, or together or whatever. (the thing is, a lot of these parts are good on the right car, this is a bad combo of all the right parts, put together wrong)

- Put stock body panels back on (at this point, it would hopefully even out, or who knows maybe you could even find someone to trade you their stock parts and cash on top)

- Put a normal intercooler setup in

- Try to sell or trade the seats

- Paint the car black (or whatever the original color was)

- Re-install the climate control and whatever else is not right.

Basically make the car look almost stock with the HP under the hood. It would certainly sell then - for how much it is hard to say, but most certainly for more than it will sell for now.

Of course this is all just speculation.
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I've seen this car in person. Very poor workmanship. There is over spray on everything including wiring in between the doors and in the engine bay. I offered a very low price on it because they don't have any of the original parts but the car does have some rare and valuable parts. I had the owner open the gas cap, which scraped paint off due to poor fitment indicating they hadn't even driven it enough to put gas in it yet since it was painted from the previous owner. Sad.
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So sad... would be a nice parts car. the San Diego car is tolerable in comparison (if you could powdercoat the wheels to white or black).
My NSX looks similar with the Marga Hills bumper. However I had head light wells leveled out attempting to match an OEM look. Kept my car a little more stock in some respect. I too think the car looks over the top with a number of the mods. However, if you have a project car with the dream of modding it, everyone has their own particular likes and dislikes.

Realistically, it may go for a range of 40 to 60 thousand. Just a guess. :smile:
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I heard that car was a giant POS
Guys, how can you knock such a rare "Type S Zero" :rolleyes: