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Verified gas consumption on highway


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12 June 2004
Fully, Switzerland
Hi all !

I'm nearly ready (within 2 months) to buy an nsx, after all that time spent to dream about it..

However, I would like to have a feedback from you all about gas consumption. I spend nearly all my driving time on highway so I would like you to tell me what about your consumption (if you are in the same case as me). hummm.. maybe in liters/km? it would be more readable for me but otherwise it's ok anyway :smile:

Thanx a lot !
If you drive with the legal highway speed in Switzerland plus some city commuting and don't drive too wild you can go with 12 liters/100 km. If you drive on the autobahn on our side of the border it can exceed 20 liters, if you drive on a track you need more than 30 :eek:

OTOH if you baby your car even 10 liters may be reachable.
On my trip from Louisianna to Virginia 18 hour drive... i was estimating about 11.5 litres/km

(hope my math is good)

1 gallon = 3.78542 litres
1 mile = 1.60934 km

ALL highway the whole way...


it's far more than the 9l/100km that I expected..
but ok, it's about the same (~11l/100km) as my current car.. a... hum.. i prefer to not reveal the model :wink:

I'll try to not drive too fast.. should be easy as i'm not a 'fangio'. problem is that I drive 'nervously' !

This is what my NSX has consumed since I bought it. I think it should be representative.

The lowest I had was on my way on vacation (just above the "two" in 28). Then I entered Germany and you see the consum went up, but the speed also trippled :)

The highest consum is when I drive only within the city and also when I had the car on the track.

The cost of fuel is not correct.



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Hi Zim!

Fuel consumption is a neglecting part of owing an NSX. Depending on your driving style you can reach 9 to 20 liters/100 km overall. At 120 km/h in 5th it wouldn't exceed 9-10 l/100 km on the autobahn for sure unless you like to drive in 4th or 3rd. :D It's mainly the driver who affects fuel consumption not the car itself. :) If you like low end torquing and early shifting like me you can get less than 9 l/100 km overall. The rear tire 'consumption' is much worse. :)
There's quite a good number of NSX for sale in CH at the moment. But be careful. You can pm me if you like.


A good friend af me is living in switserland. He told me that his fuel consumption, when is is driving normaly is about 11 l / 100km.
Only on the german motorway this will go up to 18 a 20l /100km

See for his special car at: www.rm-garage.ch

greatings from the netherlands