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Very cool 911 owner

20 March 2004
Yesterday me and my wife were out in the NSX for our normal afternoon cruise ,turbo 911 was in front of us at red light on rt 119 in tarrytown. He pulls away then moves to right lane ,as I pass him he puts down window and gives thumbs up , very cool guy. It's not uncommon when we're out that as we pass other cars to give thumbs up but this guy went out of his way.
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This had happen to me a couple of time also. I gets the thumbs up every time I take the NSX out. Last time this happen instead of a 911 it was a Silver Viper STR. I guess he saw my coming up from behind on the freeway and he slowed down gave me the thumbs up and smile :biggrin:. You can tell that he like what he saw.

Feels good when they do this cause it lets you/us know they appreciate the NSX :wink:.
People that appreciate cars generally appreciate these. I had somebody in an Ferrari FF do the same recently. On the contrary, I have gave the thumbs up to guys in CRX's, older M3's, etc. shouldn't be a class structure to what cars you can give the owners gratitude for.
I usually get the thumbs up or wave from Corvette owners. Had an owner of a White Ferrari F430 come up and tell me that my car was beautiful. That boosted my ego that day. Most car people will give you the thumbs up or compliment it.
I usually give thumbs up to older suped up cars like Novas, Stangs, Chevelles and the like. I usually just get a "stupid Jap import" look back. Not always, more way more often than any other class of street dwellers.
Had just parked my NSX in Scarsdale Village on Saturday last, was about to walk away, when a guy came up and engaged me in conversation. He's a multiple Lambo owner, asked if he could take pictues, doled out multiple compliments on the car, and then asked if I'd be interested in joining a "driving club" that he belonged to. I asked what and who, when he told me, I politely declined (know the club to have been the subject of multiple "incidents" that I don't care to expose my license and insurance to). Still, a really cool encounter, and love and appreciation for the NSX!!!!