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Video of my 1998 Acura NSX

29 April 2006
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I've seen it in person when it was in Houston. Amazing car! I liked what you've done to change it, the larger more aggressive wheels, aggressive drop, and custom hood.

Didn't you also buy the iForged Veilside NSX?

Lucky... :smile:
That is by far the best looking widebody kit I've seen yet. I saw one identical to that several years ago in the Autotrader and have never forgotten it.:smile:
Looks great. Someone said that a company called GTP is now making these.
Does anyone have the contact info for them?
Pretty cool, you took a lot of vids of your passenger seat. Too bad no chick was sitting in it. j/k who did the work? I am glad to see a widebody without wheel well gaps. Also what are the specs of the wheels?

The widebody was done by John Eagle Acura in Houston, Texas. The other mods were done in house at my shop in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The wheels were bought from iforge.
I liked this car very much when I saw it at the Sebring 12hr this year.

I didn't know you were local to my area in S. Florida. I need a little touch up work for my NSX, can you PM me your shop number.

finally someone with a wide body nsx that actually has proper fitting wheels. I never understood the point of having a wide body on some other people's nsx and not have wider wheels on it.

Big 4 thumbs up. ( including my toes )