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Vince's Auto Body Works - Sold

Congratulations on your retirement.
You deserve some time off.
Hopefully you will get board in the future and share some of your experience with the NSX owners once in a while.
It all comes to you so easily, sharing should as well.

All the best Joe, enjoy

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I’m super excited for Joe but super sad I didn’t get in on the NSX thing early enough to get to take my 93 into NY to Joe or Larry for a 7 year itch getaway and spa week of cucumber eye treatments and massages (for the car not me). Congrats Joe.
I wanted to let folks know I have retired, sold my business, Vince's Auto Body Works to a new owner and no longer own the business or work there. The shop's name is the same and the new owner's name is Ricky. He is a very nice,professional, knowledgeable and capable individual with decades of experience. I am very impressed by him, his skills and feel the shop is in great hands and will have a terrific future.
It has been a pleasure to serve so many of you and I truly feel blessed for the experience. Thank you.

I will still be lurking and will gladly offer NSX advice if asked. I love you all. - Joe
Best of luck in your retirement and thanks for all the years of excellent service you've provided me! David (New Paltz)