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Visiting Los Angeles, would love to see an NSX with MH skirts..

12 December 2006
Hello guys,
I am going to head-down to LA next weekend (Aug 8-11) to visit some friends and to pick-up a Marga Hills bumper. My dilemma is, I am not sure that I want the MH skirts to go along with this (yeah I know, don't hate me). So I've been scouring all over the net for available skirts that might work other than the MH skirts. Unfortunately, there's not a lot and I always end-up looking at the MH anyway. :wink:

Anyway, LA has more aggressive NSX set-ups compared to NorCal so I was wondering if anyone is available with the skirts installed to meet-up for a coffe/quick burger/whatever so I can see the skirts? What turns-me off about the MH skirts (with stock fenders) is the extra piece by the front sticking-out like no-ones business. But I'm hoping that maybe it isn't as bad as it looks in the pictures when you see it in person.

So please, can someone help me out? Maybe there's a little meet that weekend, or maybe a shop that I can visit that has the skirts?

I don't mind paying for lunch for someone's troubles.

Thank you so much in advance.

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You can get the MH sides without that thing. Downforce just made these... and so far I'm their only customer for themsince they're so new... maybe you should look into them. They're called TCRC.

I'm in LA if you wanna check them out too!