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Was there a 2002 NSX at your local auto show?

22 November 2001
No 2002 NSX at the Milwaukee auto show. Was there one at your local auto show?

I'm sick of Acura doing nothing to promote this car or use it to sell their other cars. They deserve the poor recent sales numbers.
Heh... keep it rare, keep it good...
There was a 2002 NSX at the Chicago Auto Show, which is only 90 miles from Milwaukee and has plenty of visitors from the Badger State among its attendance of one million.
There was a silver 2002 NSX at the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit. On the day I attended there were probably 25-30 people combined around the other Acuras and 50-75 people around the NSX (and about 10 million other people at the show that day - it was packed!)

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I am heading to the Dallas Auto show this weekend. I am hoping they will have a 2002 NSX.

My dad and brother went to the toronto auto how last weekend. They didn't like the "gold color"

They also said the car seemed to be getting very little attention. What a shame..

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