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Water marks on OEM head unit screen

1 October 2006
Memphis TN
I don't believe i mentioned this in the past and not sure why i thought of it now. :rolleyes:

When i purchased my car the head unit screen had water marks on it. Looked like liquid had run down and dried on it but it would not come off. I lived with it for a while but finally i removed the head unit and took it apart. It was a fairly simple process to remove the red piece of plastic (screen) and when removed it was obvious that the dried liquid was on the inside and it cleaned right off. It appeared to me that someone in the past had probably used a spray cleaner/protectant which then seeped into the unit.

Hopefully no one else has this but if so just wanted to let you know it's not hard to fix.

I wish i had a HU here so i could do a DIY. Been about 5 years but i believe after opening you remove the cassette deck to access. Just keep up with the parts and remember where they went.

If you have any questions when you start please ask and i will help. It would also be great if you did a DIY or at least take lots of pictures. I will PM you my contact info.

I had the same problem with water marks (or something else) obscuring the display on the head unit. When taking apart the head unit, the cassette drive does have to come out to get access to the screws holding the faceplate on to the head unit. As I recall, the display had about 8 or 10 small screws attaching it to the back of the face plate. The only trick item is the ribbon cable that attaches the display to the main circuit board. The ribbon cable inserts into a receptacle on the main circuit board and can be released from this receptacle (I can't remember exactly how the release worked; however, should be obvious once you see it). Disconnecting the ribbon cable allows you to completely separate the faceplate from the head unit. This makes removing the display from the faceplate to clean the back (inside) of the faceplate a snap. You can remove the display from the faceplate without disconnecting the ribbon cable; however, you will be tugging on and twisting the ribbon cable to do this and may risk damaging the connection to the main circuit board.