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Weight of complete clutch/flywheel assembly

17 January 2007
Adelaide, South Australia
Does anyone know the weight for the OEM complete clutch/flywheel assembly?

The SoS Twin Carbon Clutch is solds as a lightweight for high power, and it's listed as 24.5 lbs. I'm wondering how much weight is being saved over OEM ?
If I remember correctly the stock NA1 clutch assembly w/flywheel weighs about 35-36 lbs.
I just got my NSX back.


WOW! that SOS clutch is really something else.

Revs up so fast (even with less power since I've dropped my compression a full point and haven't adjusted my tune)

Absolutely NO noise or rattling sound like many of the high power multi-disc ones out there.

The clutch is quiet like an OEM.

I did stall it a couple of times, but that's probably has more to do with me not driving the NSX for 6 months and a totally new clutch to get used to, and trying to be easy during the break-in period.