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Wet carpet with AC on

23 June 2008
Carlsbad, CA
Hi all,

I get wet carpet on the passenger side only when I use my AC. I'm not talking just a little dampness, I can put towels down and soak it up.

When the AC is not engaged for long periods (30 min or more), there is not a problem.

What is this from? AC is just compressed gas and should be be giving this amount of moisture, right?

If anyone has experience in this area about repairing this and/or costs associated, I would be grateful for any info.


Condensor box drain hose is plugged. Happened to me right after I got mine. Raised it on a lift and blew it clear with air hose.
oh good! thought I had something more serious

I'll have them blow this out when I get my headers installed next week.

Thanks Davidf
It is also possible that the drain hose has come loose, but more than likely it just needs to be blown out. Here is a pic of drain hose in the passenger floorboard.


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    condensation drain hose.JPG
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As noted above, it's most likely the drain hose has become plugged with leaves, debris, etc.

To answer your other question:

What is this from? AC is just compressed gas and should be be giving this amount of moisture, right?
The air conditioner removes humidity from the air, and the condensation of this humidity is what drains to the hose.
It is also possible that the drain hose has come loose. You can check for this by pulling back the left front (upper) corner of the carpet on the passenger side and locating the drain hose.

I've gots lots of condensation inside the cabin so thought this was the first and best place to look. I've take up the passenger footwell carpets and teh side carpet next to the heater control unit... do I need to get the sub out to see this condenser pipe?

Maybe a silly question but I'm in the UK and everything is mirrored form the pic; with the carpets out it's not really looking recognisable yet and I don't want to dig deeper in case I'm going in the wrong direction!


If you have a lot of condensation inside the car I am almost certain that the hose not draining is the cause. Before you dig any deeper, try going in underneath the car and finding the hole where it drains out, then put a blast of compressed air up in there. The air usually unclogs the hole and it will drain for a year or two before it plugs up again. Then you blow it out again. At a minimum, finding the hole should help you find where the hose is, or should be, located. I don't think you should have to remove the sub. It seems to me that if you pull back the corner of the carpet nearest the center of the car, that it should expose the hose. Go in there with a flashlight (although I don't think a flashlight would be necessary) and pull back the carpet on both sides to look.

If it was me, I would go to one of those quick oil change places and ask them if they could put a blast of air up the hose. They have those in the UK, right?
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