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What are the REAL Preformance specs?

17 April 2001
Hello Everyone.

I have looked at this website as well as others and in magazines in which they have tested the 270 HP NSX. Road and Track has tested it for 0-60 at 5.7 seconds. Other magazines have tested the NSX at about 5.0-to about 5.4 seconds. I had no idea that the earlier versions of the NSX had such a wide range of 0-60 results. What I want to know is, for anyone out there that owns a 270 HP NSX, particularly a 1991-1993 version, what were your results for the 0-60, if you timed it? (And I sure hope that it is not as slow as what Road and Track has tested it to be.)
There was a thread a few weeks ago discussing all the reasons why measurements vary, you might read through it.

My well used 1993, did 5.2s bone-stock on a cool day with moderate wheel spin and agressive shifts.

That said, I consider 0-60 times the least significant aspect of an NSX except as one simple benchmark when evaluating modifications. The car was not designed as or ever intended to be a drag racer, but to each his/her own.

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I thank you for the quick reply. I realize that the NSX was not intended to be a drag racer, nor do I really want it to be. The NSX is a pure exotic meant to be an enjoyable drive when relaxed with all monster in it when you crank up the RPM's. But to have an exotic tagged 0-60 at 5.7 seconds as mentioned by Road and Track seems too unreal. I am glad that the 270 HP NSX can tag times closer to the 5 second range. Anyone else with 0-60 times please let me know!