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McLaren Artura

Regarding electrification, the product has to really be good for it to be a hit with the nay sayers.
I can't describe how much I like my Lucid and my wife likes and our local son likes it.
McLaren is a hit or miss outfit, 720/765 hits, GT, Elva not hits.
Artura TBD but is getting killed by the Ferrari 296 (more power is more better for people with more money).
I agree, there are and will be more stupid fast eCars but the ICE crowd is still willing to line up for their favorites (like the V12 powered Ferrari Purosangue (which sneaks them into the SUV space and will then give way to the bigger volume V6 Hybrid version).
yep and a bunch of these cars are being recalled for the dreaded gas tank leak..
For many ICE defines our preference. Probably why for years I collected mechanical Chronographs. While not as accurate as the quartz equivalent, they harken to another era. I consider the car below to be worthy of ownership. Not sure I could justify spending that much on a car but, I do lust for it. This would be a major improvement on the existing NSX. An actual plugin with some really great technology.

I have sat in and revved a standard SF90, not driven it..that little engine hatch is manual..quite quaint in such a car. Does feel special seats are a little on the thin side padding wise, the electronics/ driver interface is neat..I love the guys who do the Montana thing ..
I have said the SF90 is the Gen 2 NSX with everything dialed up to 11
They have their share of problems, some leading to the car being bricked and head scratching in terms of getting it going again.
Mechanical watches are not being killed off by Quartz. I just ordered a Christopher Ward Bel Canto (chimes on the hour).
Rimac Nevera per EVO; does things no other car can do or has ever done. Price is over 2 million. Pure electric with motors on all four wheels. This is the NSX on steroids. Acura was, and still is ahead of the times especially at its price point.
Tech old in concept, possible on design sheets in 2015, still new to the public. And ours was introduced long before McLaren dared. The pertinent question is, what could Honda do clean sheet two years from today?

Folks on the McLaren forum will admit to quality issues similar to Ferrari of 20 years ago. Which is very bad indeed. My 12C was garbage and one guy even had his delivered with a cracked engine block, known to everyone, at time of delivery. I still respect the brand and heritage for taking on Ferrari, whatever unwritten agreements the two companies may have.
The Christopher Ward Bel Canto watch looks great. How were you able to order 1/300? That would be a fun watch to have. Congratulations.
I knew zilch about the brand prior to this watch hitting the web, I am a Grand Seiko nerd.

I learned about the Bel Canto just after the second color, Green sold out.

I actually like the Rosa a bit better than the first 2.

Just have to see how long it will take for them to produce through their backlog (good for them for doing something interesting that watch fans like).