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What does it sound when ABS pump runs?

1 May 2009
Hi, I read tons of posts about the ABS issue/fix/upgrade/rebuilt etc on the early NSX models.

Some say the pump click, chatter, annoying noise for 5 sec, 60 sec or 120 sec or even 100 miles etc

May be this is dumb, but I think my question is if the ABS pump is running to build up the pressue like every one say, how does it sound exactly?? What should I hear exactly?:confused:

I understand the sound is from the ABS in the front hood and how it feels when ABS kicks in when you stomp the brake.

Any suggestion? thanks!
I have a 97 , abs pump runs maybe 3 times a season . Start it up in spring ,back out of driveway , pump runs for about 20 sec to charge accumulator .It is a pulsing ,clicking sound. I run my care every weekend till it snows ,last year was great in northeast , I drove it almost every weekend because we had no snow. One freak storm in October and that was it:biggrin:
You can't miss it.....it's freaking loud. Like everyone around looks. High pitched, squeak, squeak, squeak!

Mine runs everytime I start it and I just had a brand new accumulator installed.
I also replaced my none functioning ABS unit with a functioning one, but it has one of the solenoids with a leak. This is not really repairable, some argue this point but it must be completely stripped down and all rubber needs to be replaced. Even then, many owners have not fixed the issue. Thus, my is always charging when I come to a stop. Then once I am driving it stops charging after about 20-30 sec. The sound depends on the damage, as far as I know. If you have one solenoid with an issue, it is a tick. If you have more solenoids with issues, it will be louder and if the ticks are out of phase it is like a industrial air compressor pumping air into its air tank. You will know if you have this issue. No big deal accept your car sounds like a badly tuned civic.
Mine seems to do it, not everytime, but almost every other time I drive the car. Usually right after I let the clutch out. I have heard it go off when I did engage the ABS once.