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What gas station to use?

27 June 2021
Canton, OH
I always use premium (93) when filling up, but got to thinking if I should be more selective about what gas station(s) I use since each has their own additives/proprietary blend? I usually opt for Shell when available, however, in my area there are basically; Circle K, Marathon, Sheetz, GetGo, Speedway, and Sunoco.

Should I use one of these places over the others? Will it even matter?
from my reading on prime over the years Chevron and Sunoco rate highly. All of the local quick mart/ generic stations use a standard lower tier blend...imho
gas station

I remember reading a few years ago , what companies only used gasoline from the USA, Marathon was one of them. Don't know their quality compared to others. Valero was another American oil only company. Don't know if this is still true. If so BUY AMERICAN.
I use Shell exclusively as I believe it to be the best quality premium fuel. I understand Valero is good as well. You can research what stations near you sell "Top Tier" labeled gas, and I would imagine that at a minimum you should use top tier gas. With the explosion in prices, I would imagine that more crap will be added to fuel, so I would not necessarily shop by price, and stick with known quality brands.
I primarily use COSTCO, sometimes Sam's Club, they are best prices around, I believe COSTCO is Top Tier Gas, I am not sure about Sam's Club.

Yes Costco is top tier gasoline. They have the added benefit of the very freshest gasoline too, as the tanks are refilled as many as 4 times daily at my Costco. Some smaller regular gas stations may get gas delivered once or twice a week. For those owners that store their cars for extended periods of time it might make a difference.
I only use Top Tier fuels. But for my NSX, only Shell V Power Nitro 93, even when traveling. If not available, Sunoco and Marathon/Circle K have been acceptable.

In my daily, which also requires 93, Sam’s Club is acceptable, though I intersperse that with Shell.
Thanks everyone, very helpful information!
The nice thing about Costco gas is that if you use Costco’s Visa Card you get 4% off the price of gasoline. That is good at any of the major gas stations. So I always charge to my Visa. As noted Costco is also to tier. In California we have only 91 octane as premium fuel.
Top Tier! Costco, Shell and Standard all use ethanol as an additive in 5-10% of their blends. The blend changes based upon the time of the year and location for air quality.

It would be very cool (pun) to be able to run E85 to cool the intake charge and unleash a bunch of power, but no one cracked our ecu for that tune.

VP has pure 95, 98 and 100 without ethanol. I only run 100 because you never know when some lambo grease ball wants to get his ass kick by a lowly NSX. Sorry didn't mean to offend any Italians as I'm 5% Sardinian.
Jimmy aka sled driver
Anyone use Lucas octane booster? I use this on my M2 and not sure if its any good on the NC1. I never tried it on my NA1 NSX. I'll be getting my Type S 3rd quarter and wondering if its okay to use.
Way back when I had a 1991 Infinity Q45a that was modified I used octane booster all the time. I needed something as my car would ping badly otherwise. I found out that most octane boosters use alcohol as a means of increasing the octane rating of the fuel. I believe the issue with alcohol is that it does not have the energy equivalent associated with gasoline. So while race cars can run E85 or higher they end up going through a lot more fuel. Similar to using natural gas for your grill vs propane. You have to change out the Venturi so that more natural gas flows to give you the same performance that propane provides.

As suggested in the above post, mixing racing fuel with your 91 octane fuel is the best approach. It is just more expensive.
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Sam's saves us up to 15 bucks per fill