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what should you choose?? nsx 3.0 or 3.2 6 speed

20 October 2004
Holland / netherlands
HEllo guys,

THis is one off the first times i react on this forum. SOme of the european members know me. I am a great honda man. The time has come to buy an NSX. I am still looking for one, but it should defenately not be RED!! .

THe question i have is what would you buy ??

NSX with 3.0 5 speed ( untill 1996)
Or the 3.2 l 6 speed ( after 1996)

I drove the first one (3.0) several times know) i also workt on the timing belt, make valve adjustments etc, 3 years ago. But i never drove the 3.2 6 speed.

Our favorit collar is IMOLA ORANGE but that collar is very hard to find in europa. I know one for sale at this moment ( 1998 T top).

Can somebody advice me?

I am not a guy that will go fast at circuits but the car has to sute me for daily summer driving.

Greatings ronny
Welcome, Ronny! If you don't drive on race tracks you will be satisfied with both - even with a T-model (which is not the 1st choice for track use because of the additional weight, the less rigidity and softer suspension).

OTOH you'll like the bit more narrow gear rates between 1st and 4th at the 6speed model but don't expect too much performance gain by the slightly increased engine displacement. The rest is a question of price I think - pre '97 models are cheaper of course.

You find more info on that in various threads e.g in this forum part . Good luck!
Hello NSX racer,

Thanks for your answering, Yes the price will be a very important thing. I think the best way for me is looking for both cars an buy that one that is the best off all.

I will use the car only for summer drive, to go on the track is not an option for me. To buy and drive an nsx in Holland is not a cheap hobby.
hi all, im kinda new

but IMO the 5spd model is fine espically once u change the final gear ratio like whats being done in japan.

Personally i love the targa model, i would actually waste money buying a targa model n then getting the stiff suspension n getting the body stiff again.

I thinks its all up to what u personally like
I would personally go for a 3.2 and 6-speed. I think it is the perfect combo. Feel noticeably stronger in mid-range than a 3.0 5-speed. Yes you can get short gears and 4.55, but that is $3000 bucks you could have put towards the 3.2, which needs nothing done.

Try and drive them back to back and I think you will be surprised.