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what to do now?

19 September 2001
Dallas, TX, USA
I have gone through 3 RM Racing front lip spoilers in 2 months. I don't know if they crack easier with them painted or what but ever since I painted them to match my black car,any contact with an incline parking lot entrance (one of my pet peeves by the way!!)
and they crack right through. At this point I'm definately considering a different brand.
I'm down to two that look extremely similiar
in the pictures I've seen. The Comptech
W-Type and the Wings West are the ones being considered. Anyone with experience or feedback on these? Are they any different from each other? Prices are relatively the same. I want to order tomorrow so any feedback would be great! Thanks
They are both the same. Wings West manufactures the spoiler and the rear deck spoiler for Comptech. The fit is very good, and they are more durable than fiberglass units. ScienceofSpeed offers discounts on Comptech products for the fine people of NSXPrime.com forums. Private me: [email protected]

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The Comptech/Wings West units are much more durable than the RM lips. The RM one isn't fiberglass, it's some sort of plastic that cracks fairly easily.
I've been surprised with how well my RM front lip spoiler has held up. After hearing all the stories and warnings, I was expecting to break mine within a week. I drive in San Francisco and the rest of the bay area a lot and have scraped it several times, but no noticeable damage. I guess you just have to no how to negotiate those driveways, curbs, inclines, etc.
I broke two in a few months - they broke with very light scraping (which is completely unavoidable where I live unless you just don't take the car anywhere). That was a few years ago. Maybe RM is making them out of a better plastic now?
I had the RM lip once. I bend the corner while I was pulling out the driveway after the installation. I then cracked the lip in the center and became 2 pieces on my way back home into the same driveway. The lip only lasted 15minutes on my car.
What’s up everyone?

Well the Wings West/Comptech front lip is great since its made of Polyurethane, however I have repainted my lip twice now since I have owned (going on 1 yr ½). I had a friend at the body shop put a lot of flex additive to the paint, but if I hit anything too steep in any certain way its inevitable to get the paint cracks.

I guess my car is too low for the roads here =(... naaaaa


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I have a RM front lip and all was fine until I dropped the car 2 inches approx.We just finished the camp/nav/dvd and here I go "big smile" headin' home and then (scraaape,buckle,twist) "F@#K" I caught the front lip and it buckled under and mangled the hell out of it.I spoke that eve w/ my acrylic guy and he said it was made of ABS plastic and if heated he could straighten it out.It was returned to me the next day or so "near perfect",I guess he knows the deal w/ this material,I would imagine that in a colder environment(can't spell) the ABS would probably crack though.I am currently redesigning this piece so it goes foward the 2" without the 2" drop which is too much IMO for a car that is riding on coilovers that are dropped 2".When I'm done I will wrap the redesigned lip w/ carbon fiber to match the carbon fiber canards I made.