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4 March 2002
Lake Forest,California,USA
18,000 MILES

I found a good piece of reasoning as to what a NSX is worth on the forum. Go back to March 2 and look at quotre from NSXTASY.

Good cars with a clean history and original should be worth more than one that is passed around. I am finding that most people new to NSX are not really appreciating that these are hand made blueprinted cars. We who know the difference need to talk up and hold up the value of the really good cars.

These two factors alone will degrade the value of the car.

Go to http://www.edmunds.com and price the NSX out. Edmunds has a algorithm that uses variables such as city, state, color, and other market factors that will more accurately gauge the price of the car rather then 'retail' or 'wholesale'.

BTW are you considering purchasing this car from a dealer? Keep in mind that most dealers use various assessment tools of the vehicles they sell. For example, all dealers in WA use NADA and other states may use KBB.

Originally posted by huckster:
personal imo, dont buy the auto unless you need an auto. when i test drove the auto it just wasnt the same experience. pick the stick...

I don't think jc asked for your opinion on a stick. He asked what the value of the car described might be. It's funny how a few get on their high horses about automatics and sportshifts as the main factor when valuing an NSX. Maybe your horses aren't prancing afterall.

Originally posted by sabashioyaki:
97 automatics don't carry the same increased value of a 97 manual. They aren't any better than a 95-96 auto.

You say they aren't any better.
Then what is this? Chopped Liver. Oh, by the way, are they any worse?

Three new colors: Kaiser Silver, Monte Carlo Blue, Spa Yellow <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Coupes can be special ordered with either a black top or a body color top; -Ts still have body colored roofs <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> New wheel color on all wheels: Blades Silver (a bright machined/brushed looking finish) <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Larger front and rear brake rotor diameters and rotor thickness. The bracket and the rotors are the major change <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Front caliper pistons went from 40mm and 34mm to 40mm and 36mm. <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Different exhaust manifolds, now stainless steel and free breathing. Larger diameter spare tire to clear new brakes <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Stronger, thinner aluminum body panels <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Heat absorbing glass instead of bronze glass <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Immobilizer anti-theft system with coded key using an electronic transponder. No more all-metal keys. <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Ignition switch light went away to make room for the immobilizer antenna. <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Improved NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> New aluminum alloy in selected body areas to reduce weight and increase rigidity <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Larger spare tire size (from 15 in to 16 in diameter) <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Refined electronic power steering control <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Revised shape of the front spoiler <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Refined ABS braking system <http://www.nsxprime.com/_themes/nsx-prime/indbul1d.gif> Improved Traction Control System (TCS) with new control logic

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Originally posted by Nsxotic:
With only 18k, the car is still surely worth 51-55k. It would be an absolute steal for under 50k!!! This is providing it has no paintwork, etc and is the 'right' color. There actually wasn't a 'bad' color made in 97 though. Only white might bring a little less on average but nothing you'd notice.

Right on Target, Todd.

And Prancing Horse, The all knowledgable Edmunds "True Market Value" of this car is around $40k. You know of any at that price? Oh, and the price is same whether it is an automatic or 6 speed according to Edmunds. Do you agree? I also found it interesting that they say, "What others are getting it for" on a 97-T, 6-speed, yellow, w/18,000 miles is a whopping $42,106 in the Bay Area, CA. That's a great price.

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When I cracked a few weeks ago it was partly due to my frustration with the people whose attitude towards the automatic NSX is less than charitable.
I would advise you to forget about buying an automatic NSX, it isn't worth it.
There were 29 automatic NSXs produced in 1997. A clean, auto, 18k mile NSX is in NO WAY going to suffer "decreased value" because it isn't a 6-speed. The car is just too rare.

You may have to hold out a little longer to find the buyer who really couldn't care any less what the "6-speed holy warriors" are screaming about, but they ARE out there.

The reality is that there are buyers for auto tranny sports cars. A 1997 in good shape with no accidents and 18k miles is a low to mid 50's car.

Anyone who tells you differently is really just pushing their own biased agenda and isn't actually interested in helping.

By the way, reading the post, I got the impression that the guy is a dealer. If that is the case, then trying to convince him a 6-speed is better is totally pointless, so save it. I also think that some of the responses are colored a bit because the guy appears to be a dealer. If that is the case, then just keep in mind that this site will be searched and used as a reference for a long time to come. Ever hear of "cutting off your nose to spite your face"? Think about it...

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I'm also going to add to this thread that my fathers 1997 Monte Carlo/Camel/Autoshift is immaculate with only 20,000 miles. It has a full service history and a transferrable Acura warranty. What's amazing is that someone gave me a offer of $45,000 for it. I fell off my chair laughing.

Anyway, if anyone is interestes or knows of anyone looking for a very rare NSX, I have it sitting in my garage. Asking price is $56,700.

Originally posted by rcarlos:
When I cracked a few weeks ago it was partly due to my frustration with the people whose attitude towards the automatic NSX is less than charitable.
I would advise you to forget about buying an automatic NSX, it isn't worth it.

I prefer automatics! Blasphomy right? Anti-sports-carist right? For us that use our NSX daily driving in cities with lots of traffic and hills, it is a big convenience. Notice how new trannys on sports cars are morphing into being more automatic-like (tiptronic, clutchless stick) than then 5 speed-like. So don't knock autos, there is a demand for them even though you may not want one. And for heaven's sake, don't NOT buy an NSX because it's an auto, believe me, it'll go plenty fast...


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Many folks prefer automatics for many different reasons. In addition to those provided above, some folks have medical conditions that make shifting difficult. And some folks must share their cars with family members who don't know how to drive stick. I'm sure there are lots of other reasons, too.

An automatic NSX is an NSX. Period. It is just as worthy an example of the breed as a manual NSX.

However, I also think that there is an element of truth in the advice to get a manual, but only for certain individuals. Some folks sometimes think they're going to get an NSX that they can't otherwise afford, just because it's an automatic; however, while it's occasionally possible to find a little bit better deal on an automatic, I don't advise getting one for that reason. Don't settle for a weak second choice when shopping for an NSX. If you prefer a manual, get a manual. If you prefer an automatic, get an automatic. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Originally posted by Dr.Lane:
I'm also going to add to this thread that my fathers 1997 Monte Carlo/Camel/Autoshift is immaculate with only 20,000 miles. It has a full service history and a transferrable Acura warranty. What's amazing is that someone gave me a offer of $45,000 for it. I fell off my chair laughing.

Anyway, if anyone is interestes or knows of anyone looking for a very rare NSX, I have it sitting in my garage. Asking price is $56,700.


By the way, Rob's Dad's car is VERY rare indeed!! It is one of 2, yes, I said two made!
This is not directed to any one person on this board.

Dear Mr. Bias,

What bothers me most is your bias against automatics to the point that you try to talk people who are looking for one out of it. Whether they have asked for your opinion or not, you try to impose your idea of what a real sportcar should be regardless of whether you have experience with an NSX auto/SportShift.

You try to impose the idea that an auto/sportshift won't be worth as much as a stick (regardless of the fact that you don't pay as much when you buy it), or that it won't be as much fun (regardless of the fact that you don't even know the person or what constitutes fun for them), or that it won't be as fast (regardless of the fact that some people value other things like handling as much or more than sheer speed). Your value set in owning an NSX is not everyone elses.

I have yet to see this same attitude from someone who owns an NSX automatic/Sportshift about a stick.

We live in a free country where people have a choice of what they think a sportscar is to them and their opinion should be respected regardless of what you may think.

jag 95T
In response to NSXOTIC's comment on "only two made being very rare", rare doesn't necessarily translate into desirable. Buy what you want, but keep in mind that the average NSX buyer wants a manual transmission. For some its emotional, some need the control, others want the increase power. In either case, I believe one should always consider the ability to liqudate and there is no doubt the manuals have a broader appeal.
Sidenote about automatics. There were only two Yellow Automatic/Sportshift sold in 1998. One of them sold after months at an auction that I was at in Jan in CA after many trys. The buying dealer is still trying to sell it and it is an excellent car with only 18k miles. The other Yellow is at auction in FL this week. I hardly ever come across 6-speeds in the rarer colors (Yellow,Silver,Blue), although there were many more produced. My point is, there are buyers for autos, but there are far fewer and autos seem to change hands more often. it is generally considered less desirable in the wider market because very, very few people who buy a NSX want an auto and thus, prices for autos are decreased. Simple supply/demand. Just look at how many sold originally. You are probably going to have to find the two people in the U.S. who are looking for a yellow automatic to buy those cars, but when you do, I guarantee they will pay top $$$. But hey, if you like the car and you prefer auto, get it, regardless of what others think and the potential future value. There are many good reasons, as Ken pointed out, that one may prefer an auto and they are not all because they don't know how to drive stick.
Every arguement made sounds reasonable, but the topic recalls a previous post. The car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

I hate to say that our cars have a very limited appeal and, as rare as a car is (one of 2 made), it isn't necessarily worth that high premium to anyone that doesn't have the appreciation for it that we as NSX owners do.

The car that I bought sat on the lot for over 6 months with people walking past it every day, including me! It wasn't worth $40K to me, or anyone else, until I was CONVINVED to test drive it.

Sadly, I think we hold in our minds inflated values of what our cars are really worth. If your car is for sale for $56K but still sitting in the garage, then it MAY not be worth $56K.

At least not until someone recognizes its rarity and pays your asking price.
hey, not trying to start a debate over auto vs stick. 99% of all my driving is in autos. i was just responding to the "what is your opinion" question.

i drove both, had an opinion, and shared it. sorry if i hit a nerve. personally, if im daily driving it, id consider the auto. personally, as a third car, i thought the stick better for me.

demographically, there ARE more buyers for the stick. anyway, just want to make clear that im not crusading for either option, just responding with personal imo. i would hope everyone would drive both options unless they were already convinced one way or another for whatever reason.
I think we are actually all in agreement here really.

I have to disagree, though, with the idea that, if a car isn't fetching $56k right away, then it isn't worth $56k.

That's a dangerous precedent to set for the value of the car. This is an $80K plus car new. There are VERY few people who can actually afford it, and LOTS of people who want it for the same price as a used Corvette.

A person selling a 360Modena sure as heck isn't going to say "well, I guess my old jalopy isn't *really* worth $180k" after 6 months and drop it to $75.

Hold out for a real buyer who understands what they have to pay for this type of automobile.

If you *really* need a quick sale, just sell the thing to a dealer. The *book value* a dealer will give is better than what most of the dreamers looking to devalue the car so they can afford it are going to offer.
I don't mean to say in any way that we should drop the selling prices of our cars to the point that they will sell quickly. As I mentioned, my car was only worth $40K to me after it sat for 6 months.

In fact, I don't know what I'm trying to say! Just hold out for the right person to appreciate and enjoy it and I'm sure you'll get your price.
Originally posted by ck:
My point is, autos seem to change hands more often.

Do you have statistics on this fact or is it just your opinion? I'm not sure I'd agree with you...just my "opinion"

Originally posted by ck:
But hey, if you like the car and you prefer auto, get it, regardless of the potential future value.

I've made this argument many times, I'm getting tired of making it so maybe this will be the last time.

If you pay less for an automatic now, and get less for an automatic later, do you loose more money than paying more for a stick now and getting more for a stick later.

I don't think so.

Another comment about there being less buyers for an automatic. Approximately 9% of all NSX's were sold with either an automatic or sportshift transmission. Are you saying that at one point there were 9% of the NSX people out there that did buy an automatic and now there is less than 9% of NSX people who will continue to buy an automatic in the future?

Again, I don't think so. I think that the ratio of stick to auto probably does not change that drastically between when the car was sold new and now to make an appreciable difference in the number of potential auto/sportshift buyers.

Yes, in my opinion and based upon my experiences, automatics do change hands more often. No one is arguing with you, if you are taking it that way, fine. I was just saying to get what you like, doesn't matter what its worth later, regardless of whether its stick, auto, or whatever. You just jumped to that conclusion and took the defensive.

And there are less buyers for an automatic. Believe it or not. Is 9% of buyers a high proportion to you? Doesn't that make less buyers for an automatic? I don't see where the math doesn't work out for you. If 9% of the whopping 7421 original NSX from 91-98 were automatics. Your dealing with a group of just several hundred people vs. several thousands. That's a big difference.

I understand your point, since you are obviously a sportshift owner, but in 99 out of 100 situations, your car would be less desirable to MOST NSX buyers.

I am in no way bashing automatics or trying to convince anyone that a stick is better. I am just saying they are worth less and are harder to sell. That's it.