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Wheel alignment problem, very odd.

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam

First of all, thanks all for replying to earlier post, and the help.

Here's my current problem:
When i bought the car, the steeringwheel was a little bit of center (to the right), as i suspected this has happend by hitting a curb or something, i didn't pay much attention to it.

Last week i went out to this place which do the allignment (Reedijk tyre service) . A place which is specialised in tyres of all major brands (they stock 300.000+), and also specialized in lowering cars, alloy wheels, allignment, aso.
These guys know what they are going on about (i hope, i mean they should).

Car info when bought, and still is:
Lowered with yellow Koni's, front 17 inch 215/40 Yokohama, rear 18 inch 255/40 Bridgestone, BBS alloy wheels (known to be very good here in Holland $$$).
All wheels have wheel wideners (sorry don't know english word), the discs which moves your wheel out another 10 milimiters.

They used computerized equipment for allignment, as mentioned in the FAQ.

The allignment was done with figures for 91/92, which shouldn't be a issue for my problem (the car is 1993). When finished, i had a printout from the computer, showing all allignments to be to specs. The LR caster was o.k., but close to the limit, when including fault-tolerance.
The LF tyre showed (bad) inner wear, as mentioned in the FAQ, dunnu about the RF, have to look.

When finished i drove off and allignment o.k., but.........steeringwheel still off the center to the right.........ODD???
I thought they forgotten to put the steeringwheel in the center, but my friend who went allong, said they did.

Next day i went back, and they put the car back on the machine (we call it a bridge).
We did allignment again, i look carefully for the center of the steeringwheel. Gues what......STILL OFF CENTER!!!!!!

We had a discussion about it, but we couldn't locate the problem.
Here are some ideas, and what it can't be:
Bad wheels?: should see on computer when alligning.
Bad tyres?: The car should move left or right when braking or accelerating.
Soft tyres?: same as above
Steering unit damaged?: We alligned in center, so should be ok.
Damage to suspension?: It would be impossible to allign the car within fault-tolerance.

The wheels are in track with the steeringwheel in the center, why isn't it when you drive??? Again, the car drives perfect, not pushing to the left or right, and believe me i am VERY CRITICAL.

The only option would be to move the steeringwheel a tooth to the left, but that is the complete wrong option.

The only thing i can think off is that the front tyres are really bad worn off, but it should show when driving......

Help, please help........

Michel Plasmeijer from Holland
[email protected]
maybe the pervious owner had a aftermarket stteerning wheel on it...and when he sold it to u he reinstalled the stock wheels which was slightly off...


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Assuming nothing is damaged, they just need to adjust the tie rods. I would avoid having work done at a shop that doesn't know how to center a steering wheel properly.
When they aligned the car they have to put the steeringwheel in the center, and adjust the tie-rods to get the right alignment figures, so this is not an option........


Someone gave me an idea to swap the LF and RF wheels, and see wht happens, i think i'll give that a go as well.