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Wheel / Caliper Contact

28 March 2000
I had new wheels put on about 5 months ago. Everything has been fine until last week when a slight "rubbing noise" started. I noticed that the paint on my caliper was worn off. Obviously the wheel and caliper were making contact. I took the car back to the place where I got the wheels and they told me that the floating brake caliper coming into contact with the wheel usually means that the pads need changing. I changed the pads today and have ordered 3mm spacers to pull the wheel off the brake a touch more. The guy who changed the brakes told me that the caliper moves but the "Arm" over the caliper does not so it will not fix my problem. Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Wheels:KONIG 18x9 17x8

Tires: 265/35 ZR18 215/40 ZR17
Buy wheels with the correct offset for the NSX. Everybody is always trying to 'slap' on wheels just because they look good. This may not be the case with you considering that it just started happening, whereas you would have noticed immediately if it were incorrect. There isn't any parts that will move to make these contact each other, so you must have the wrong offset and just didn't notice it before....or the lugnuts got loose.

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Lugs are fine and I checked and double checked the offset fitment etc.. I confirmed with Tire Rack.... Discount Tire.... Acura of Brookfield... No Idea what the problemm is. I was given the spacers today 3mm. Everyone refuses to put them on for me. I spoke with John Vassos at Acura Brookfield and he told me they have spacers (for those of you who have been there) on the one they race that is in the service reception.
I would tend to agree with you if it were a problem from day 1. The reason I am confused is that I have been running on these wheels for the past 4 months without a problem. Not too sure if there is flex in the spokes... I would guess no... that would lead me to believe that the caliper must have ... moved?... no idea.... Going to check with another place tomorrow
You might want to check to see if a wheel weight may have come loose and is making contact with the caliper as the wheel rotates.

1992 NSX Blk/Blk
1995 NSX-T Blk/Blk

Is it one wheel or both?? If it is one I would swap wheels and see if the problem moves. If it moves with the wheel, I would get the wheel checked to see if it has gotten bent somehow. As the pads wear the outer part of the caliper will move INWARD toward the disk, so I am not buying the pad wear idea. NEW pads would make it worse!! I am not that familiar with the wheels so I cannot speak for their offset, but it does seem odd that they were OK for a while and now they are rubbing. The loose wheel weight suggestion is a good one also. If you swap the wheels this will also be easy to detect.


If the wheel IS bent, you can get it repaired at Transwheel in Elk Grove Village. They do excellent wheel repair work.
Also note that a wheel may be bent but this may not be visible to the naked eye. Sometimes a wheel can get out of round but you can't see it unless the wheel is being spin balanced off the car.