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Wheel re-finishing

Ken, you're a wealth of knowledge. Do you know of any reputable wheel refinishing shops near Phoenix? :smile:
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Ken, you're a wealth of knowledge. Do you know of any reputable wheel refinihsing shops near Phoenix? :smile:
Not really. The two I mentioned have been around for many years, advertising in national publications for most of that period. Everyone I know who has tried either them has been happy. It's ironic that they're relatively close to each other.
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A quick web search turns up a bunch of places in Phoenix:

AZ True Wheel
Wheel Repair Phoenix
Rim Repair King
Penske Rapid Repair

I haven't had any personal contact with these places, and I don't know anyone who has. However, the first one listed has been in business fixing wheels since 1994, so IMHO that makes them the first place I'd take a wheel to, if I lived in your area.

You could also ask Chris at Science of Speed for recommendations. I bet he'd know where to take wheels for refinishing/repairs.
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Thanks Ken! I'll get some further references. My brother has some minor curb rash on his Volks, and he has had trouble finding anyone who can tackle restoring them but those are highly custom wheels.
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Wheel Collision Center in Bath did a rear wheel for me a couple years ago. I'm lazy today - do a search and you'll find the pictures I posted. They matched the color perfectly and rim run-out trim was better than new.
Late reply, but wanted to give credit where it's due and say that Wheel Collision Center does excellent work. They've repaired two sets of 1995 wheels that were in poor condition (bent, scratched, curb rashed, and one set had chipped chrome) back to like or even better than new condition. They're relatively quick with turn around of about a week, reasonably priced, and they stand behind their work. Coincidentally I had one set shipped to Phoenix upon completion, the cost was reasonable and they arrived in perfect condition.