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wheel size question???

27 November 2000
albany, ny
i have h&r springs installed on stock shocks which dropped it about 1.5 inches. i'm looking for 17/18 wheels and was planning on getting 18X10 rears with 285/30/18 tires. QUESTION: with tires that wide and with the car already lowered, will i have a rubbing problem? Does anyone have this set up?
Originally posted by Lud:
You won't rub with that setup.

Any thoughts on if the tires in the rear were 35 series instead of 30 series (285/35/18)?

I don't know if there would be any rubbing issues (going over a dip at freeway speeds?), but the 35 series should give a little more cushion for daily drivability/ride/ride-noise at the expense of reduced performance due to being a larger diameter, right?

Anyone have any thoughts on which is the better of the two tradeoffs? (Gearing performance, or ride quality & maybe a little straightline traction)?

NSX'D: What are you going with for front tire size?

You wont rub as long as you have the correct offset. I have 18X9.5s in back with a 53mm offset and I don't rub. I have my car lowered on 1.5 inch Neuspeed (which I heard H&R makes) So if you get your rims from a knowledgable shop you shouldn't have a problem