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8 January 2001
Los Angeles, CA USA
I just got a 93 NSX and will be changing the wheels soon. I'm debating on Enkei RPO1s or Blitz Type 03. 235/40/17 fronts and 285/35/18 rears. I was just wondering what type of tires you guys are running and how much they cost. My local dealer doesn't seem to stock these sizes, so they need to special order them. Thanks for any input!
BLitz Type 03's. Good choice. Get ahold of Maomaonsx on this site. He can get you a great price from what he tells me. I would probably do 215/40-17's or 225/40-17's up front (especially if you car is lowered). From the posts I have read 235/40-17 will most likely rub or rip apart the underside of the fender. My $.02.

Let us know what set up you go with.
Just becarefull if you go with Blitz. Since all there stuff comes in from Japan, things can take a while to get/replace. I looked into the 03's six months ago but they were back ordered. I called for 3 months and nothing was available. Just think of what could happen if you accidentally damaged one of them. How long would you want to wait for a replacement? If you know someone that is connected and can get them for sure, go for it Richard. I really like the chrome lip on those rims.

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I echo everything James mentioned above. I, too, looked very hard for a set of Blitz wheels last spring. After getting NO results after several inquiries I gave up. They are a GREAT looking wheel on the NSX. I have a two friends who run these and they look terrific. As for rubber, you may want to consider a larger front tire than the 215. I have been running that for about 10 months now and find myself wishing for more grip up front in high speed turns. As for the rears, if you go with a 35 series tire, you'll be effectively increasing the tire diameter by about 5%. This will hurt your acceleration by lengthening your gearing. The 285/30/18 is a great tire with no fitment issues and has almost the identical diameter to stock. Personally, I like the Bridgestone SO-2 tire. I got 10K out of my first set of rears and have 15K on my fronts and counting. Good luck!
Thanks for you inputs. I just checked with Wheel Warehouse and they recommend that I go with 19 rears and 18 fronts with Racing Hart, Lowenharts, or Volk. I'm leaning towards Volk AV3s now. I'm gonna schedule some time to see how they look on the car. I'll post pics once I get them.
Maybe it's just real hard to get Blitz Type 03 wheels out in Florida, I guess. Out here in SoCal, I got a set for my wife's 99 3.2TL (18x8.5) and I didn't have a problem getting them.
(Maybe the guys at Discount Tire San Diego are just a bit better at acting like Radar from M.A.S.H.) =)


1995 NSX-T
1997 Integra GS-R 4-dr
1999 3.2TL
I am running 215/40/17 , 265/35/18 . ( S-02 )
This is the most common size that I saw people using in Japan & Hong Kong .

I don't know about 18/19 . I think maybe they are too big for NSX .
Before I switched to my 18/19 combo, I used a 235/40/17 front and 285/35/18 rear. These were SO-2's. But the best fitment would be IMHO is 225/35/17 front, and a 285/30/18 SO-2's. This is exactly what TampaBayNSX-R should be running.
Good Luck
p.s. If you happen to go with with 18/19 combo, I strongly suggest going with Eibach springs instead of H&R's, if you plan on lowering it. I have HRE 546's 18x8 front, 19x10 rear, with 225/35/18,and 285/30/19, with H&R springs, and had to make wheel well modifications, so that it wouldn't rub.
Just my opinion.

Good Luck Again.