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where order a monel Titanium key?

1 January 2021
Hi people,
I am in France and my Honda dealer doesn't find the famous Monel key to order :frown:
After seeking on internet, I find several possibilities blank or cut monel key (I find one in Aliexpress :eek:) from US or Japan!!
I find severals dealers but most of the time, I find blank key (and I read that those key is not easy to cut). I find in Japan, cut directly, but the shipping cost is around 50% of the key (60$+ custom fees)...
So If anybody has a good deal for a blank or cut key please let me know :tongue:
yes I mail them yesterday, but same problem; 120$ key cut (ok for me) but 60$ of shipping :mad:

Unfortunately that is probably going to be the case no matter where it comes from given the current state of shipping affairs around the world. Prices and timelines for shipping even the smallest of items has become burdensome unfortunately and will probably be this way for a long time.

You may want to reach out to A.S. Motorsport in the Netherlands to see if Adnan can help
Considering the context of limited supply, availability, logistics, and demand, I'm afraid you've been given the spectrum of options and those are, indeed, the "good deals." It's not what you want obviously but those are the best options currently.
I contacted Adnan last week and he didn't stock the key currently. But I guess he will in the next future.
Keep us posted ;)