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Which air intake do I have?

28 September 2005
Kansas City
The previous owner installed this intake, and I have no idea what brand it is. Here is a pic of the bottom of the air box, to which the factory cover bolts to the top. There's also a carbon-fiber (looking) piece that extends down towards the factory air vent. Has anybody seen this intake before?

how big is that picture?? i been waiting for 10 minutes.

RMracing has a intake with a solid 3 inch stainless steel intake tube wrapped in Carbon fiber.
Looks like a Stealth intake to me.:biggrin:
Why thats the Dali, "Super megaflow Big backordered":wink:
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From your description, it sounds like the comptech, your picture doesn't work, but the comptech has a carbon fiber bottom half, with the OEM plastic half on the top, and also has a cf snorkle piece which goes from the airbox to the fender.

Like this:

Hmm, I can see the pic that I posted clear as day. I'll try hosting the same pic with another service.


Thanks Scorp, that is exactly what I have! Comptech.
I can see!! I can see!!
I have that and removed the snorkel so I could use my DF CAI. Do you have the carbon lid to match the bottom?