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Which is the bigger time waster?

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
When dangerous addictions combine!


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And you can post to these forums from a PSP (which this reply proves)!
Yes...and now I've setup a page for testing compatibility with the Wipeout browser...you can even view my NSX site's photos via the PSP using the following link (if you browse here without a PSP, you'll get a simulated picture of the page within a PSP). This Wipeout browser isn't compatible with frames, so most of my sites won't work until I've done some sufficient hacking.
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What defines time wasting, doing something you want to do in lieu of something you should do?

I consider the "have to's" to be time wasters and the "want to's" are not time wasters.

i.e.. If I want to watch TV instead of mow the lawn and I do in fact watch TV then I see this as no time wasted. On the other hand if I do mow the lawn today and I get hit by a truck tomorrow I will have felt I wasted my time mowing the lawn.

Now TV rotting my brain is a whole different story. :biggrin:
Well, since I work in the game industry, playing the PSP is technically research and not a time waster. :D